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Piss on Obama Day Official Urinal Target!

January 14, 2009

Piss on Obama Day is coming soon!  If you are one of the millions of Americans that will never support a socialist president like Obama, print out this Obama urinal target and take it to a liberal bathroom on inauguration day.  Where can I find a liberal bathroom?  It could be the elitist, snobby coffee shop… or it could be city hall. Take this with you, place it in the urinal or toilet (for the ladies) and a liberal will either have to piss on Obama, flush Obama… symbolically on Inauguration day.  LOL!

Why?  For me, this is in protest of the obamabots, democrats, liberals and other commie scumbags that have undermined the USA, our brave men and women in the military and more…. and will never apologize for it.  And we all know the REAL reason behind all of their anger and bitterness comes from Al Gore losing the election in 2000. 

If you’re really brave, take a picture of your creation and leave a link in the comments section.



Ladies… simply cut out and place in the toilet.  😉